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Emerald Health Bioceuticals plans to launch its first wave of products into U.S. health food stores in 2017

The first in Emerald’s natural product launch plan

These products — proprietary formulations to stimulate the Endocannabinoid system — are the first in EHBio’s natural product launch plan. EHBio’s strategy includes the formulation, manufacture, marketing and distribution of a unique line of a unique line of safe and efficacious herbal remedies in the United States.
EHBio products will be sold through established distribution networks for holistically oriented physicians and Natural Health Food Stores such as Whole Foods Markets.

The initial range of products are intended to treat anxiety, sleep, inflammation, pain, arthritis, and dermatitis, and support immune system function by combining clinically proven bioceuticals with ECS enhancing formulations that are accessible and marketable through a legal federal framework in the US.

Growing interest in the Endocannabinoid System

There have been significant advances in the understanding of the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) since its discovery in the late 1980s. The ECS has multiple functions related to the regulation of appetite, the immune system and pain-management. Mainstream awareness of the potential for herbal remedies to improve well-being through its effects on the ECS has created a new market for ECS stimulants natural products. EHBio believes it can capitalize on growing demand for herbal remedies that feed the endocannabinoid systemTM as part of a wider trend of supporting well being with the most efficacious natural products.

Industry authorities strengthen Emerald brand

Emerald Health Bioceuticals has engaged leading experts in natural health and bioceuticals, including Dr. Michael Murray and Jade Beutler. Dr. Murray, a member of Emerald’s Strategic Advisor Board and author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, frequently appears in the media, including the influential Dr. Oz show, to share his views on the efficacy of various bioceutical products. Jade Beutler is one of the natural product industry’s top developers and distributors. Working with these two experts, EHBio has created a natural product development plan that combines an industry-leading track record with international brand recognition and world-class product formulation.