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Emerald Health Therapeutics (EMH.V) holds one of a limited number of federal issued licenses to produce, process and sell dried cannabis and cannabis oils across Canada

Legislation to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis promised in 2017

Canada’s current government has promised to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis and will introduce new legislation to that end in spring 2017. Emerald Health Botanicals is gearing up expansion to meet the potential explosive growth in the Canadian market when cannabis is legalized in Canada.
EHB is well advanced in planning facilities on a 32-acre site in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. The facilities would enable significant future scalability to meet anticipated demand if and when recreational sales are legalized in Canada.

Emerald Health Therapeutics

Expertise in large-scale agriculture, from production through retail sales

Emerald’s leadership has more than 50 years of experience in large-scale agriculture, from production and processing to wholesale and retail sales.

The world’s largest legal market for recreational cannabis

Legalization would make Canada the world’s largest legal market for recreational cannabis. Based on the size of the recreational cannabis market developed in Colorado, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce has estimated that the Canadian recreational cannabis market may reach as high as $10B a year. Legalization would make Canada world’s largest legal market for recreational cannabis.

Emerald’s acquisition of a Licensed Producer of cannabis in Canada

Emerald Health Sciences acquired controlling interest of T-Bird Pharma Inc., now Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. (EHT), in 2015. EHT wholly owns Emerald Health Botanicals Inc., which was the fifth company in Canada to receive a license to cultivate cannabis from Health Canada (HC). Emerald Health Sciences Chairman, Dr. Avtar Dhillon, now serves as director and Executive Chairman of the EHT Board. Emerald Health Sciences Lead Director, Jim Heppell, and Punit Dhillon serve as directors of EHT, which is listed on the TSX under the symbol EMH.
EHB is currently conducting R&D, and cultivating and selling cannabis from its facility in Victoria, British Columbia (www.emerald.care). Emerald recently received approval from HC for its supplemental license to produce and sell cannabis oils and capsules containing cannabis oils.

In September 2016, EHB launched its suite of cannabis oil products, which include non-psychotropic THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) oil, THC oil, as well as oils containing both THC and CBD. Emerald plans to continue to expand its repertoire of federal licenses, including exploring the importing and exporting of medical cannabis.