About Us

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Our Mission

Emerald Health Sciences

Emerald Health Sciences (Emerald) is a life science merchant bank focused on building and investing in companies that are advancing the pharmaceutical development of cannabinoid-based molecules for the treatment of human disease.

Our approach


We draw on our leadership’s deep expertise in building life science companies to identify candidate companies with the greatest potential for contributing to the Emerald vision – to advance innovation in cannabinoid science to allay human suffering.

We support the growth of our portfolio companies as proactive partners. Our leaders serve as board members to help guide management teams and to create effective exit strategies.




We see enormous opportunity for innovation in the cannabinoid-derived pharmaceutical industry. Emerald supports and facilitates scientific collaboration and business development with its portfolio companies. We foster innovation in the discovery and development of breakthrough products in the pharmaceutical development of cannabinoid-derived drug products– an industry that is still in its infancy.

Our Future

We believe that, over time, cannabinoid-derived drug products will disrupt and drive innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. Emerald has positioned its family of companies to be leaders in driving this fundamental shift in the understanding and development of drug products impacting the human endo-cannabinoid system.

We want to work with companies and organizations that share our passion for innovation across this industry. We are always looking for opportunities where our life science expertise can add value.